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Write up: Saturday 9th April 2016, Ex-RAF Site

It was a very wet day, it did not stop raining all day but the game play was good and hot even thought the sun never did come out.

The day started with a good old three point fall back game but with a very restricted start point and three different areas in for the attack points. The first point was the centre valley flag and with the attackers coming in from the north western corner of the site made for some very different game play. The Non Bands attacked first and it was a super grenade throw that took out the five players defending just 5 mars in front of the fog that really speeded things up for the Non Bands. Matt Wotton asked “what value did I get from that grenade”, excellent I replied ”five kills” The first base was taken by Gem i think in 9:44 mins. The second base was the flag behind the church but with the game being a full 360 type the attackers were able to attack from three different directions and it was Richard Hanmore who touched the f lag to stop the clock. The total time at this point for both bases was 29:10 mins. The final part of the fall back was from the church to the fort either cross the field, down any of the valley and around the back or like Richard Hanmore through the brambles on the southern end of the site. I did not se who got the flag down but I did notice that the Bands were holding really well and we did wonder if its was too hard an ask. Although I not not see it myself there was another gear grenade throw that landed bang in the centre of the fort. Adam Bird this time was the grenade man taking out four key defenders. The Flag came down at the total time of 42:56.

The next game was Black and Red were each team had to collect either red or black playing card depending on team from around the site. You could only pick up your own colour but you could defend areas to stop the other team collecting. The object of the game was to collect the most cards in the time limit and not to get side tracked in just shooting the other team. The Band were collecting the red cards and the Non Bands the blacks. At the end of play the soggy wet card were collected and the scores are Bands 6 and non Bands 9.

After lunch we reversed the fall back game and the attack point direction by the Bands was much as the Non Bands in the morning With Simon Probert Probert I think getting the flag down in 6:22. A cracking start by the Bands, success in 2/3rds of the time. The Flag behind the church was at one point I thought taken by Super Man who did fly over the fence, touched the flag but was very honest in saying that he was he was hit while flying, so the game continued and Super Mans identity is till to me a mystery. However the objective was taken again by Gem Ruston in 33:10. Those saved times on the first base were lost on the second. The Bands failed to take the last objective inside the time the time of 42:56 set by the non bands so it was game to the Non Bands.

The final game was the triple valley but with an objective at each end of each valley. Any one objective taken would stop the clock and the Non Bands attacked first and achieved success in the urban valley in a tome of 10:41 mins. The game was reversed with the Band attacking but although extreme pressure was used down the centre valley the time ran out.

A large number of new players, a lot of very wet players but as the photos sow lots of smiley faces. A very large thank you to the four people who helped move the church onto the site. Terry Turner, Gem Ruston, Daddsie and David. Thank you to John for the dismantling . A big thank you to Jason our gunsmith who keeps our rentals going and helping the visitors too. The list of helpers who make the day happen is large, the planners:- Richard, Tig, Chris, Simon, Daddsie, Shaun and David. The cooks Penny and Jenna, the booking in crew Penny and Jenna. The marshals yesterday, Simon, Tig, Jason, David, Daddsie and John who run a good day in rubbish weather. Finally the game is as good as the honesty of the players, it was great day of Airsoft so please pat yourselves on the back. Well played.


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  1. Chris turner says:

    Airsoft GB… I know that most super hero’s keep their identity a secret but I am happy to announce that the flying superman of 9th April 2016 is I… Chris Turner. Can’t wait for more game days and hopefully more flying action. Cheers guys

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