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We hold a number of game days at Airsoft GB

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Airsoft GB Game Days

We know that not everyone plays airsoft the same way. We know that our players want variance and choice when selecting where to play airsoft. That is why we have different types of event to suit our different types of players.

If you are not sure what type of event most suits you, then you can always contact us via email or on Facebook and tell us a bit about yourself and we can help you choose the game day that will best suit you.

Skirmish Events

This is a great day of fast paced fun where you can expect to be teamed up with a range of different levels of players. This is the best game type for new or amateur players. You can hire a gun from us or bring your own. It is fast paced and will really help grow your experience offering a range of different games over the course of the day to really challenge. Most new players find that by the end of the day they have got a really good feel for airsoft and found their feet!

Hot food at breakfast and lunchtime can be purchased on skirmish days and we also offer gun hire.

Our next Skirmish Event is on Saturday 6th January 2018

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Low Ammo Days (LAD)

Our low/limited ammunition days (LAD) are designed for more experienced players. If you like tactics and teamwork, then this will be the more challenging and professional day for you. We try to discourage unseasoned players from our low ammo day as it requires discipline learnt through experience and careful playing.

As you might have guessed, on these days we limit the number of BBs any player can carry on them. This means more careful shooting and planning is required to meet the game objectives and win the day.

We tailor the games to suit these BB limits and work hard to create games that will be challenging for our seasoned players.

As our low ammo days are for the more experienced players we do not offer gun hire. Hot breakfast and lunch are available.

Our next Low Ammo Day is on Saturday 16th December 2017

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Scenario / Pro Days

Scenario days involve immersive play in which the game continues for the whole day. These games are meticulously planned and players sent scenario teasers before the day so they and their team have the option of getting together and planning their tactics early.

Our aim for our professional/scenario days is not to host games, but small battles emulative of real life warfare. It’s a serious day and not one to be missed!

Training Days

We also offer training days for beginners. These involve us going through the basics and all the ins and outs of playing airsoft, mentoring new players and teaming them up with some of our best. So, if you want to up your game, are completely new to airsoft or just want to get some practice in then these are a good day to attend.

We run these days subject to request and demand so please contact us for more details.

Next event: Saturday 16th December 2017

Low Ammo Day

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