Saturday 20th January 2018

Find out all about the Low Ammo Day on Saturday 20th January 2018.

Saturday 20th January 2018 Overview

Event type: Low Ammo Day

Walk on cost: £25.00

Availability: EVENT HAS PASSED


Low Ammo Days at Airsoft GB

Our low/limited ammunition days (LAD) are designed for more experienced players. If you like tactics and teamwork, then this will be the more challenging and professional day for you. We try to discourage unseasoned players from our low ammo day as it requires discipline learnt through experience and careful playing.

As you might have guessed, on these days we limit the number of BBs any player can carry on them. This means more careful shooting and planning is required to meet the game objectives and win the day.

We tailor the games to suit these BB limits and work hard to create games that will be challenging for our seasoned players. The day is divided into only two sections, giving players a morning and afternoon of continual play, only breaking for lunch.

As our low ammo days are for the more experienced players we do not offer gun hire. Hot breakfast and lunch are available.