Saturday 18th February 2023

Find out all about the Skirmish Event on Saturday 18th February 2023.

Saturday 18th February 2023 Overview

Event type: Skirmish Event

Walk on cost: £30.00

Availability: Only 35 places left

Gun hire Gun hire: Gun hire available

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Skirmish Events at Airsoft GB

This is a great day of fast paced fun where you can expect to be teamed up with a range of different levels of players. This is the best game type for new or amateur players. You can hire a gun from us or bring your own. It is fast paced and will really help grow your experience offering a range of different games over the course of the day to really challenge. Most new players find that by the end of the day they have got a really good feel for airsoft and found their feet!

Hot food at breakfast and lunchtime can be purchased on skirmish days and we also offer gun hire.