Event write-up: Saturday 6th May 2017

Airsoft GB event write-up for Saturday 6th May 2017

Our biggest event to date, with lots of new player to our site and a record amount of gun hires.

DatePosted on 6th May 2017

Overcast, warm and sometimes hot sunshine in the middle of the day, with a light to moderate north easterly breeze.

The warm up game was won easily by the non bands scoring 21 to 12. We then moved onto the triple flag game with each flag having to be captured from a central position and then brought back to a specific location. Again it was the non bands capturing all three of the flags very smartly. The game was reversed with the non bands taking two flags out of the possible three. So far three wins out of three for the non bands.

We played Fort Hell just before lunch with the field artillery laying down fire on the fort while the bands attacked against both the non bands and the clock. Quite a large number of hits were achieved from the artillery and it was Sam coming from the northerly end of the site who took down the fort flag in 18:57 mins. A valley game was squeezed in with the non bands attacking taking the urban area objective in 9:09.

After lunch Fort Hell was reversed with one direct hit from the artillery on the fort wounding 8 players in one go. Despite this and some intense pressure from the eastern end of the site the fort held, just. I was marshalling in the area of the hut and was being hit by so many BBs as they bounced of the walls that I ducked for cover while rapidly trying to get out of the way. If this had been a movie then the hut would have collapsed into a pile of splinters (see photo of the defenders pinned inside) However the fort was not taken after 33 mins so a win for the bands.

We next played a fall back game with three flags spaced over the site in a east west direction. The objective was to capture any one flag so as to break the line, the clock was then stopped while the defenders dug in to defend the next line. The team with the quickest score would win.

The bands attacked first taking 3:30 for the first flag and 11:51 for the second. When the non bands attacked it was 11:55 for the first flag and 9:56 for the second. Another win for the bands We were planning to run two games of Juggernaught but unfortunately we ran out of time.

Lots of happenings to keep the marshals busy through out the day but happy players at the end of the day. The marshals and the support staff all had to work hard yesterday to keep things moving and guns working, especially as the day warmed up. A big thank you to all the staff who worked so hard and to all the players who played so well.

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