About Airsoft GB

Airsoft GB was founded in June 2011 and since then has gone from strength to strength.

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How it all began

Airsoft GB was founded in June 2011 springing from a simple question asked of David (The Governor) Beech:

"If you could do anything, any job, what would be it be?"

His reply was to make his airsoft hobby into a business; to take his joy for tactical airsoft playing, game scenario design and airsoft guns and make it into a fun business, sharing it with new and interested people. So started Airsoft GB.

From small beginnings...

Once the ball was rolling there was no stopping it. We basically started off playing in the back garden and along the driveway. Then we found two more airsoft sites to play on. One of which is still in use today albeit with many purpose-built additions.

The guns also started off small with a few family members receiving springers for Christmas. It all changed however with the purchase of the M60 heavy machine gun and the simple springers were quickly replaced with juicier guns.

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Passion from an early age & the evolution of the business

David has always had an interest in guns and playing tactical weapon games. From a young age he had a collection of toy guns – if he couldn’t find a gun to play with then he pretended with a stick!

It was passion that created AGB. David Beech’s passion for this fun and communal sport is contagious and that is what propelled the business. From hilarious planning meetings filled with complex game scenarios and fuelled by too much tea drinking, to growing a wealth of guns and accessories, to our community helping build huge structures to vary game days, AGB has experienced very happy organic growth in the short time it has been running.

Airsoft GB today

Recent improvements include the addition of a shop selling exclusive Airsoft GB merchandise, airsoft accessories, gear and guns. We also have a new kitchen as well as a new larger home for the command HQ and a streamlined booking in process.

We are always adding to and changing the purpose-built buildings and structures. We like to keep things fresh for our players.

The games are now planned and developed at communal meetings with a host of our regular players. This means that we spend a lot of time reviewing our games and listening to feedback from our players and marshals. Our aim is to constantly improve what we offer players.

David continues to love his guns and hobby. Getting to stock his own shop has been particularly exciting.

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