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Write Up: Saturday 5th March 2016, Ex-RAF site

A huge turn out and some good weather made for a great days play. We played Hard Fort as the warm up game which was a timed attack and defend game with bonus points available with the extra flags in the village area. The attackers had unlimited lives respawning at the start point in threes while the defenders had three lives re-spawning in the south west corner of the site. The white team defended first with the last flag falling after 26 minutes. The yellow team tried several directions of attack but it was eventually the north west fort entrance that fell. It was Joe Olsen who forced his way in and took the flag down.

The next game was another attack and defend timed game but played in a different area and in a different direction. The attacking team had two lives and so had to dig in while the attackers had unlimited lives. This time it was the whites attacking. The attacking forces had a choice of three attack directions, the northerly valley, the centre valley or the green valley. The green valley was the most open while the northerly had the most cover but had a very tight last section.The bbs were flying and so was Matt Wootten who took the pillbox by getting down the centre valley in 15mins 53 seconds. The game was reversed with the whites defending but unfortunately I was marshalling in a different area so did not see who did what.

Complete comeback was how the whites performed on the seven flag game. The game idea was that, at times only known to the marshals, the positions of the flags, either up or down, was noted. The team that had the most of their flags in their desired position won the game. Early on it was looking embarrassing for the whites with them only having two out of the seven flags for the first two check times. The come back started with the youngsters in the white team taking the southern most flag, this let Matt Wootten take the fort flag after a very long tussle with the sole survivor Roy Thorne. This come back continued with the whites winning by two flags.

Hard Fort was reversed after lunch with the yellows defending. Ray Cotton was in the fort with his 30 cal defending the northern western fort entrance. No one was going to get past the heavy machine gun easily and no one did. The yellows defended well and held on past the 26 minutes of the whites defence time, just.

The last two games were fall back bomb games with each area defenders having two lives. The smiles were still there although the the batteries were getting low. The day ended with each team having twenty points. The yellows won the Hard Fort, the Triple Valley, the whites won the Seven Flag and the Bombs Away.

A great day, well played and lots of fun which as always in the idea of playing.Thank you all for coming and thank you all who helped making the day good for everyone. See you next time.

Talking of next time here are some dates for your diary. Next Skirmish day Saturday 9th April, next Low Ammo day Saturday April 23rd, Further dates will be on the website soon.

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