Airsoft players aiming and shooting at each other

Write up: Saturday 9th April 2016, Ex-RAF Site

It was a very wet day, it did not stop raining all day but the game play was good and hot even thought the sun never did come out.

The day started with a good old three point fall back game but with a very restricted start point and three different areas in for the attack points. The first point was the centre valley flag and with the attackers coming in from the north western corner of the site made for some very different game play. The Non Bands attacked first and it was a super grenade throw that took out the five players defending just 5 mars in front of the fog that really speeded things up for the Non Bands. Matt Wotton asked “what value did I get from that grenade”, excellent I replied ”five kills” The first base was taken by Gem i think in 9:44 mins. The second base was the flag behind the church but with the game being a full 360 type the attackers were able to attack from three different directions and it was Richard Hanmore who touched the f lag to stop the clock. The total time at this point for both bases was 29:10 mins. The final part of the fall back was from the church to the fort either cross the field, down any of the valley and around the back or like Richard Hanmore through the brambles on the southern end of the site. I did not se who got the flag down but I did notice that the Bands were holding really well and we did wonder if its was too hard an ask. Although I not not see it myself there was another gear grenade throw that landed bang in the centre of the fort. Adam Bird this time was the grenade man taking out four key defenders. The Flag came down at the total time of 42:56.

The next game was Black and Red were each team had to collect either red or black playing card depending on team from around the site. You could only pick up your own colour but you could defend areas to stop the other team collecting. The object of the game was to collect the most cards in the time limit and not to get side tracked in just shooting the other team. The Band were collecting the red cards and the Non Bands the blacks. At the end of play the soggy wet card were collected and the scores are Bands 6 and non Bands 9.

After lunch we reversed the fall back game and the attack point direction by the Bands was much as the Non Bands in the morning With Simon Probert Probert I think getting the flag down in 6:22. A cracking start by the Bands, success in 2/3rds of the time. The Flag behind the church was at one point I thought taken by Super Man who did fly over the fence, touched the flag but was very honest in saying that he was he was hit while flying, so the game continued and Super Mans identity is till to me a mystery. However the objective was taken again by Gem Ruston in 33:10. Those saved times on the first base were lost on the second. The Bands failed to take the last objective inside the time the time of 42:56 set by the non bands so it was game to the Non Bands.

The final game was the triple valley but with an objective at each end of each valley. Any one objective taken would stop the clock and the Non Bands attacked first and achieved success in the urban valley in a tome of 10:41 mins. The game was reversed with the Band attacking but although extreme pressure was used down the centre valley the time ran out.

A large number of new players, a lot of very wet players but as the photos sow lots of smiley faces. A very large thank you to the four people who helped move the church onto the site. Terry Turner, Gem Ruston, Daddsie and David. Thank you to John for the dismantling . A big thank you to Jason our gunsmith who keeps our rentals going and helping the visitors too. The list of helpers who make the day happen is large, the planners:- Richard, Tig, Chris, Simon, Daddsie, Shaun and David. The cooks Penny and Jenna, the booking in crew Penny and Jenna. The marshals yesterday, Simon, Tig, Jason, David, Daddsie and John who run a good day in rubbish weather. Finally the game is as good as the honesty of the players, it was great day of Airsoft so please pat yourselves on the back. Well played.


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Write Up: Saturday 5th March 2016, Ex-RAF site

A huge turn out and some good weather made for a great days play. We played Hard Fort as the warm up game which was a timed attack and defend game with bonus points available with the extra flags in the village area. The attackers had unlimited lives respawning at the start point in threes while the defenders had three lives re-spawning in the south west corner of the site. The white team defended first with the last flag falling after 26 minutes. The yellow team tried several directions of attack but it was eventually the north west fort entrance that fell. It was Joe Olsen who forced his way in and took the flag down.

The next game was another attack and defend timed game but played in a different area and in a different direction. The attacking team had two lives and so had to dig in while the attackers had unlimited lives. This time it was the whites attacking. The attacking forces had a choice of three attack directions, the northerly valley, the centre valley or the green valley. The green valley was the most open while the northerly had the most cover but had a very tight last section.The bbs were flying and so was Matt Wootten who took the pillbox by getting down the centre valley in 15mins 53 seconds. The game was reversed with the whites defending but unfortunately I was marshalling in a different area so did not see who did what.

Complete comeback was how the whites performed on the seven flag game. The game idea was that, at times only known to the marshals, the positions of the flags, either up or down, was noted. The team that had the most of their flags in their desired position won the game. Early on it was looking embarrassing for the whites with them only having two out of the seven flags for the first two check times. The come back started with the youngsters in the white team taking the southern most flag, this let Matt Wootten take the fort flag after a very long tussle with the sole survivor Roy Thorne. This come back continued with the whites winning by two flags.

Hard Fort was reversed after lunch with the yellows defending. Ray Cotton was in the fort with his 30 cal defending the northern western fort entrance. No one was going to get past the heavy machine gun easily and no one did. The yellows defended well and held on past the 26 minutes of the whites defence time, just.

The last two games were fall back bomb games with each area defenders having two lives. The smiles were still there although the the batteries were getting low. The day ended with each team having twenty points. The yellows won the Hard Fort, the Triple Valley, the whites won the Seven Flag and the Bombs Away.

A great day, well played and lots of fun which as always in the idea of playing.Thank you all for coming and thank you all who helped making the day good for everyone. See you next time.

Talking of next time here are some dates for your diary. Next Skirmish day Saturday 9th April, next Low Ammo day Saturday April 23rd, Further dates will be on the website soon.

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Write Up: Limited Ammo Day 30th January 2016

The weather was very kind to us with the wind dropping and the sun coming out in the afternoon. The low sun poised its own problems but it was still great to see it. This was the fourth low ammo day we have run but this time numbers increased. We felt that all the building work we have done over the last two weeks would take up the extra numbers.

It was a good day but different to the earlier low ammo days. Lessons are continually learnt and the basis of the day restricting the amount of ammo per game, based on the game length, continued to work well. Cries from players of ‘I only have five rounds left’ or ‘I’m out’ were common.

I had occasion to run out of ammo completely on two games. The concept adds another challenging dimension to Airsoft. We did a couple of warm up games to test everyone’s equipment after the Christmas break in which one team defended the fort while the other team attacked. The attackers with 100 rounds and the defenders with 50. Two lives for the defenders with medic rule with unlimited respawns in twos for the attackers. The new fort has a tower and has, as in common with most defensive positions, limited visibility around it. The attackers managed to break through on the right flank with Simon getting at least five knife kills. With the game reversed it was a completely different story, the attackers barely got on the field.

A short sharp and very cold rain squall closed in so we used the time to brief for the new game we had thought up. As with most new games it was too complicated and was tweaked a bit for the reversal in the afternoon. I played both sides firstly as a patrolling guard in the morning and as a para in the afternoon, I think that the surprise was how much I enjoyed being a patrolling guard. The game still needs more improvements but maybe we have a gem of an idea. It is not easy to bring in different games and we always try to have something new, to make it interesting and to stop it being the same old same old.

We had a couple of elimination games with bonus points for taking flags that were great. Much stalking, hiding and cunning traps. Always a challenge to find you James. Good fun!

Overall a good day, not as crisp as past low ammo days however that always happens with more players. It was great to get positive comments from the new players to the low ammo day, such as ‘more professional’ and ‘it makes you think’ and another to quote Miranda’s Mum ‘Such Fun’.

Thank you all for coming and playing so well and for your forbearance as we tried something new. Another thank you to the builders over the last two Saturdays. It all really changed the nature of the site and it was good fun to try it all.

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Game Days in 2016

The vomiting bug continues its relentless path with Clam, Chris and their daughters suffering. As many of you know they look after the web page and most of the Facebook entries. Consequently we are slow in getting information out to you guys.

The build days that we were hoping do over the break have gone by the board and the work on the new shop has moved very slowly too.

On a more positive note, the next low ammo day will be Saturday January 30th. You can book your place here. Kick off will be sharp at 10:00, the last two events we have actually managed to start early so don’t be late. Again on a positive note we have started a stock pile of low ammo magazines. We have mostly M4/M16 size (with capacity 30 rounds), we have AK’s (capacity 60), MP40 (capacity 50) and some others(capacity 60). The idea is that we will build up the stocks and lend these to continue the,basic situations with the low ammo scenario.

We have had some ideas for the next low ammo day from our last planning meeting in December, which we have started to build on based on the Commando Infiltration Team idea. More props are planned to fit in with this idea.

Future provisional dates are as follows, Skirmish dates Sat March 5th, Saturday April 2nd, Saturday May 7th and Saturday June 4th. Low ammo dates are Saturday January 30th, Saturday February 20th and Saturday April 23rd. These date are still to be confirmed.

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Write Up: Saturday 5th December, Ex-RAF site

The weather turned out not as bad as was forecasted at the beginning of the week which was a blessing. Mind you it was incredibly windy with gusts of 45 mph. This of course played merry havoc with the flight of the bbs. Luckily most places were sheltered and the wind did not really pick up until mid afternoon.

The day started with an old favourite that we had not played for a while. The objective was to take the old bofours gun emplacement in the quickest time. We played down the centre and the northern side. The lean-to passage at the end of the run was open which was a game changer.

Unlimited lives for the attackers re-spawning in threes, with 3 lives only for the defenders respawning by the railway crane. The whites chose to attack first and it was a long continuous blast of a game. The objective was taken in 39:13 minutes by Matt Deal who approached down the centre slot. By this time there were only five yellow players left in the game. This sort of game needs the attacking team to keep motivated, keep pushing and making their superior numbers count as soon as possible. The yellows did well to hold the whites off for so long.

After a break to rest up, get resupplied and to take on fluids we started the second game which was a new game idea from Chris Lewis. A nerf beacon was placed on the southern side of the site and each team started at places that were out of sight from each other. Each team sent out two attack dogs whose purpose was to stop the other team just dashing for the beacon. Every player had three lives including the four attack dogs. It was a brisk start being the first time for the new game but it was the whites who took the nerf and carried it forward to the yellows’ base. The first pickup was by Richard Hanmore but was finally delivered by Simon Probert. The yellows were very close to coming around the rear of the attacking whites to retake the nerf but the white rear guard held them off just long enough.

A variation of the three base game was the last game before lunch. We had six bases over the whole site, two very isolated and four pretty close. Unlimited lives, everyone on semi-auto and respawns at the eastern and western side of the site. This time it was the yellows who ran amuck winning with 21 points to 13. After lunch we had the first game reversed with the whites defending and the yellows attacking. By half way through I really thought that the yellows were going to beat the time easily with loads of whites being eliminated but the wind had really picked up and was funnelling in between the final shed and the gun emplacement which made very difficult playing conditions. It was a very tight game with three players left on the left flank. The whites managed to hold on by their finger tips.

The reverse of the nerf game played out very close to the morning game. The yellows playing really well as a team, especially the right flank lead by Ryan, but again the whites broke away and played a blinder as the left flank of the yellows collapsed. Again it was Simon Probert who delivered the nerf to the final objective.

The final serious game was the six base reversed. This time it was the whites who completely dominated the game with the score ending at 21 to 9. By this time it was 3:40 and the overcast day was leading to an early darkness. Each game had been full on for about 40 minutes so all the players were tired but smiling.

The last game was fun. Each teams task was to save Christmas by destroying the other teams fake blow up decorations while looking after their own. Each team had two helium filled Christmas decorations to defend set up at the eastern and western end of the site but it was getting very dark by the time good old Simon Probert popped the yellows decorations saving Christmas for the whites.

Player of the day was Matt Wotton unanimously decided by all the marshals.

A great fun filled day with good hit taking and some outstanding sportsmanship by both teams. Thank you all who helped and all who played. Airsoft is always as good as the players and we all had a great day. Thank you all and a Happy Christmas!

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Write Up: Limited Ammo Day 21st November 2015

The hardy few met up despite the gale force winds, the sleet and the rain, for the second of Airsoft GB’s low ammo days. As last time, we were able to start playing earlier than planned.

Game 1: Find the Pilot

The first game was based on finding the downed pilot, the difficulty was that he was in the hands of the opposition and was being guarded with two snipers and one support gun with unlimited ammo. The rescuers had just the 50 bbs and one life each.

It was Ricky who managed to sneak around the southern flank, evade the sniper who was guarding that flank of the support gunner and take the position with a knife kill. Well played Ricky a cracking start to the day.

Game 2: Hold the Line

The second game was a two even team (we ended up having the smokers playing the non smokers with Will playing as an honorary non smoker). The object of the game was for the attackers to get one player across a line running east west over the site. The line had six access points so not as easy as it sounds.

The defenders were using a medic rule while the attackers had to respawn. It was a timed game that would be reversed later in the day. The layout of the ground made it sensible to keep a reserve that could cover all the access points in the west and the centre as well as being there to help with the medic rule.

Again it was Ricky who forced his way through the eastern end of the line with great support from Terry and Ed. The reserve had been drawn down to the west end which lead to superior numbers making the end inevitable – time taken 11 mins.

Game 3: Hunt the Single Shooters

We had even numbers of single shots and AEG’s so we mixed up the teams with the single shots, mostly bolt action snipers, going to hide with the AEG’s hunting them down. David was on flank guard for the sniper team and was soon rewarded with Chris and Ed falling as his victims. Ed took the Donkey and so came back in but as it was single life Chris was out. The snipers were the easy victors.

Game 4: Kill Confirmed

We did a different sort of game completely next – Kill Confirmed, with the original teams playing each other. The players kept their won cards gained for each kill and we tallied them at the end of the game. The best scores were as follows. Simon 10, Will 5, Ricky 4, Ed 4, Tiffany 3 and Terry 3.

The afternoon

We reversed the Hold the Line game after lunch and this time is was Tiffany who did the deed with good support from John, again the reserves were pulled into the centre this time by David and Chris which led to the good time of 9 minutes 15 seconds.

The Sniper Hunts was reversed and again the snipers were the winners. It was Chris who it turned out took a hit from a ricochet from friendly fire. With only one life that was a very honest hit take.

The last game was Kill Confirmed with the ends reversed, by this time some players had left due to the cold wet windy weather but it was still one hell of a tussle. The best scores were Terry 10, Chris and Ed 9 each, Simon 8, Ricky 4. With limited ammo all the players were on semi auto and it was Terry who literally achieved two hits with one bb, hitting first Chris and the ricocheting onto David. Normally ricochets don’t count but such were the attitudes on the day that both players took the hit. Poor TIG had both of his weapons vent off as the temperature dropped during the last game.

The weather was dreadful but the players made the day. Some very intense play, some very tactical plays and lots of wet smiley faces. Thank you all for coming and playing so very well. It was a great day.

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Our New Tactical Low Ammo Days

Next Saturday at Airsoft GB we are running our second low ammo day.  There are only 8 places left so if you wish to come get booking.  If you find you cannot book online then there are no more places available so please don’t just turn up.  You won’t be allowed to join the fun.

So what is a low ammo day?

Simply put it is a multiple game day, mostly with two teams playing against each other, with number of players limited to 20 and limited ammo each game. The ammo limit is 50 bbs per game, the game length is about 30, max 20 players, playing over the whole Ex-RAF site. This makes for sneaky, stalking, thoughtful play. Its is easy to run out of ammo so every bb has to count. The games are laid back, tactical, thought provoking. We have different wound rules and usually limited lives. We have different warm up games where virtually all the players play against a small team of snipers or against a couple of heavy support guns.

The basic principles are based on the games that James Bailey introduced us to. Everything is limited. There is no spray and pray, no over kill, tactical thoughtful play. A day to enjoy.

Book your place online today >

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Airsoft Event Write Up – 7th November 2015 on the CQB Site

On a rather dark, windy and wet day, several hardy dedicated players graced us with their presence to play a number of fun games here at Airsoft GB.

Six games were played (3 each reversed), with different challenges in each. Be it how to defend two locations in a large area, fast paced land grabbing or slow sneaky ambush tactics.

Between white and yellow team there was often little.

Game 1: Drop’em (innuendo at its finest)

Yellows got one flag in 13mins. Whites defended the other.

Whites got the first flag in a very fast 6.30mins and just before the game ended grabbed the second at 23mins.

Game 2: Ghost Patrol (luckily no real ghosts, only headless harry)

White progressed slowly around the well buried yellows, holding them back for lots of the game.
They did reach the bomb site, they did eliminate the players. However they did only have exactly one minute left when they planted the bomb. The sad fact was we had 2mins for the bomb to detonate.

Well fought though and some great pushing from the experienced players trying to show the rest how it’s done

The yellows had seen the previous team take their time getting around and clearly wanted to charge around the field to the headless hero and his closely guarded code. They were close to Harry within 20mins, but it did take a further 16 to successfully plant and set off the bomb.

Not much faster Yellows, but well played.

Game 3: Three Base Game (flags plus wind….)

Spread thin across the three choices of attack and defence would mean some good strategy or just the right man for the job.

First name mentions go to the experienced players. The Matt’s and Adam’s; Elliot’s and Simon’s and James’ of the day were pretty pivotal in getting and defending flags. Oh and Chris who always gets overlooked. Spinning my middle flag to his benefit, I’d frown, but it was well deserved flag gains.

These players were seen either being very well hidden or just picking through areas together as team mates.

As for the new players or the lesser known players that isn’t to say we didn’t notice some great skill and play. Birthday boy, learning fast and player of the day (Bobby Flores) crawling to eliminate players and not content going back to finish the job properly. As time goes on and you return to play you’ll get your names out there no problem.

The flags. Yellows favourite was the field flag. Every time we counted it, it was up. It would seem the flag only ever changed once or twice. That was your best flag. I say this because White team held the two other flags for 10 of the 12 times they were counted.

The result

Overall the whites finished the day ahead in points (80>65). Like I said at the start, between the two there was often little.

I think the biggest congratulations regardless of victories is to each and every player who played well, patted each other on the back, made each other laugh and Ricky Bartlett for making me laugh no end.

Players make the day and make us want to continue working hard to provide the day we do. On the note of working hard, (I hope we say it enough), thank you for your continued efforts David Beech. The governor has grown a good site and player base, which we hope to grow soon. There are always plans and pipe dreams, let’s hope we can bring a lot of these to you around the Christmas period. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for updates.

Ryan ‘Daddzy’ Dadds

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Airsoft Event Write Up – 5th April 2014 on the CQB Site

A good day, a really good day. Some new games, great play, sportsmanship, fun, good weather, no handbags, honesty, friendship, food, great marshaling, smiles and of course cake.

Big thanks to Matt, Mungo, Jason and Tig for the marshaling, Daddsie for giving the game planning notes a final tune up, Penny for doing to booking in , the food and the cake, the safety fence erecting by Mungo and for Richard for dismantling the same.

Airsoft is as good as the players and we had a great bunch yesterday, calm, relaxed but still eager to get at ‘em. Lots of stories of great ambushes, cunning flanking moves, attack axis being swapped, all to many to mention here.

We did however have a new player of the day who was noticed by the marshals, his own team and the opposing team. The opposing team called him a nuisance, in a nice way, because he was leading from the front, tireless running, good hit taking, sportsmanship and alway there shooting you. 12 year old William Ellis, good play William.

Thank you all for coming and hope to see you all next time 10th May.

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Airsoft Event Write Up – 7th December 2013 on the Ex-RAF Site

Another close day’s play at Airsoft GB. Lots of players and on the whole not a bad day. The weather was kind, dry and is was not too cold.

The Blues defended the Valley first and with the extra numbers it was decided to play both Valleys. The Reds took the objective in 29mins and 26 seconds which was rounded down to 29 mins. Point score 31

The Blues were the attackers on the next game which was the Patrol/ Ambush, time taken 36 mins and 53 seconds, rounded to 37 with 1 penalty point . Score 32 points

Right after lunch the roles were reversed with the Reds ambushing and the Blues patrolling. Some mix up about the ambush spacings but the time for the Reds was 36 mins and 29 secs rounded to 36 with 3 penalty points, Points score 31

The last game was the reversal of the twin Valley game with the blues attacking and achieving a time of 29 mins 52 sec, rounded to 30. Point score 30.

As the clouds came back at the end of the day, the light ran out so the last game had to be scrubbed.

Lots of new people to our site and lots of first time players to play the games on the December game day. I hope you all had a good time.

The event could only happen with the help of the Support Team – Jason, Tig, Paul, Jenna were marshals with Sparkie and Matt giving up their own game to fix other peoples’ guns. Penny and Jenna were very busy cooking the burgers, sorry about the lack of home made cake but time is not something you can make. Thank you all who gave their time.

The marshals had a tough day but as always to be a marshal you need the patience of a saint and the wisdom of Solomon. For the second event running, the marshals’ test shots were 100% – even those that were given from the front. It is the players that count and you were a great bunch yesterday. Thank you.

I felt that the game before lunch was not up to AGB standard and so I do apologise on behalf of AGB about that.

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